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Introduction – CEL | Content Enthusiast League

Welcome to the next-generation content platform where we locate and feature the very best content on the internet. This treasure-trove of top-tier content will provide the perciever with carefully selected entertainment mirrored from the best sites online based on real events. Since 2007 we’ve effectively located the best content available but just recently decided to provide the internet with our findings.

Our features will only consist of these exceptional real-time events which has been recorded and put online.

With time, our treasure collection of the best content will act as a safe-haven through backups while making the content available for instant playbacks at any time.

Stay updated on the website and get involved!

Content Breakdown – Neighbours causes major Brawl

Neighbours get into a huge brawl!

So, the guy recording this video apparently made fun of his neighbour the night before this crazy brawl which ended up with the neighbour crying the whole night. To his defense, the daughter decided to confront the situation with a tempered attitude causing havoc in the yard. Major confusion occurs while they throw a tantrum back & forth that ends up with the lawn owner hosing down his engranged neighbours.

Content Breakdown – Dude slips on shit

Dude takes a shit on the mall floor, another one slips on it!

This great piece of footage found at the depth of the internet raises questions: how did the shit pass through the guys shorts so smoothly? If you look closely, the feaces perfectly manages to escape his shorts right onto the mall floor posing a huge risk of someone stepping in it. Defying most odds, one poor fella actually slips and falls on the shit! It’s a perfect orchestration of accidents but with only one victim.